Protective Shower Oil

Time to Upgrade

Maintain and protect your skins unique microbiome. Re-mineralising, hydrate and condition tired and stressed skin.

98% Natural | Vegan Approved

Clean Up

The non-drying soap free formula re-mineralises, hydrates and conditions tired and stressed skin. Unlike most Shower Oils it foams. Wash away those early morning blues or freshen up after gym or sports. The essential oils help relieve tired muscles. 


Your skin hosts billions of friendly living microorganisms, also known as skin flora. These make up the Skin Microbiome and are important for its health and protective barrier. Our Shower Oil is designed to help keep this important barrier in top condition protecting skin feel and wellbeing.

Naturally Better

Crammed with beneficial natural ingredients our shower oil foams, soothes & protects. Hero ingredients include CityFresh (anti-pollution, second protective skin), Dead Sea Salt (re-mineralisation), Baobab Oil (hydration) & Argan Oil (conditioning). Uplifting 100% natural fragrance. 

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