Urban Jack Double Edged Safety Razor

Does shaving dry out the skin too much?

Only if you’re not using the right or any product.

In what ways can my skin be damaged by shaving?

Over shaving.

How can I avoid razor rash?

A good blade, plenty of lubrication (try Urban Jack Shave Serum) and warmth.

Which shaving techniques and products can cause skin irritation or make it worse?

A non-or poor lubricating product, a blunt bade and too much shaving on the same area.

What is aftershave and what does it do?

Aftershave can be used after the shave, after the skin is closed down. However, a good moisturiser is often better (try Urban Jack Face Moisturiser with its Urban Pollution protection)

What makes Urban Jack Shave serum a better option for shaving?

It’s clear, making shaping beards and sideburns much easier. Its super lubricating, highly moisturising and overall simply amazing and totally different.

Can Urban Jack shave serum double up as a moisturiser for men?

Yes, it can but it works even better when used in conjunction with the Urban Jack Face Moisturiser.

Can I use a serum if I have shaving bumps or a shaving rash?

Yes - Check out our article highlighting 7 facts around shaving rash - Click here

Do you need to shave every day?

It depends how quickly your beard grows however yes, If you want to look clean and fresh, why not.

What is the best razor to use?

An open razor with a replacement blade or a double-edged razor (try Urban Jack double edged Safety Razor)

How often should blades be replaced?

At home, probably every other shave, but it also depends on the type of beard also.

Do I need a moisturiser after I shave?

Yes, to replenish the skin.

How do I get a close shave?

A good blade, the right tension on the skin, and a good gliding product.

Can I use Urban Jack Shave Serum to shave other body hair (manscaping)?

Yes - it is clear which makes it easier to use than traditional foam or gel and it is super lubricating and moisturising - great for those delicate and sensitive areas. After shaving apply Urban Jack moisturiser to feed the skin. We conducted a recent study and over 47% of respondents said they regularly shave body hair.

You can find more information about the Revolution Shave Serum here.