Urban Jack started life as a result of our hatred of shaving. The dreaded morning ritual of scraping and face pulling, followed by the inevitable need to liberally splash cold water to damp down unsightly redness, got us thinking that we could not be the only guys out there who hated this daily torture.

So, we set out to change the shaving landscape and created an award-winning alternative to the crowd of creams, foams, gels, oils and soaps. 

Having achieved our primary goal of being able to offer a revolutionary shave we built a range of complimentary grooming products that deliver Skincare Defence for Men. Whether you are doing battle against shaving rash, or wishing to defend your skin from the ravages of urban pollution, Urban Jack offers a solution.  

Our products are here to make your life easier, deliver amazing results and enhance your lifestyle.

We don’t want to be just another “skincare” brand, or a faceless global juggernaut. Our belief is that we are here to challenge the status quo, to think creatively and to change the shaving and skincare landscape. Simply put we are on the pursuit of making the best products imaginable and delivering an amazing customer experience.

As an independent company we are small enough to care. We care about our products, our customers, our suppliers and our environment. We believe in UK manufacture, and our team puts in endless hours concentrating on the detail so that you can look, and feel, incredible.

We recognise life's challenges and the issues that sadly too many men face, often silently, alone. That's why we are committed to donating £0.25 from every product sold via our website to organisations helping men with the trials of Body Mental Health and Suicide Risk.

If you need a hand with anything please don't hesitate to drop us an email, jack@urbanjack.com or give us a call (0203 633 41 20). We have an in-house shave and grooming expert, who is here for you, so if you are at all unsure please just shout.  

Thank you for supporting us along our journey.