Hello. We’re Urban Jack - and we had a question: Can skincare and shaving be better?

And we knew what the answer was. Yes.

So we got to work. And what you’re witnessing is nothing short of a revolution.

We’ve crafted a range of grooming products that don’t play by the rules. Bursting with beneficial natural ingredients, they work with your skin, not against it.  Day in, day out, they’re your defence against shaving rash, urban pollution, and the day-to-day battles our skin endures on our behalf.

Our skin’s on the front line. Urban Jack sends in all the reinforcements it needs to stay strong, resilient and healthy.  Isn’t it about time?


It starts with clean skin

Our light yet powerful Face Wash is a bit like you: strong yet caring. And it contains a secret weapon: City Fresh. This unique, pollution-beating formula is your shield against daily aggressors in the environment. Think of it as your second skin.

From the neck down, our Shower Oil takes over. Bursting with beneficial ingredients to help balance and protect your skin’s tiny, invisible army  - its microbiome - it’s all you need to wake up, clean up and face the day afresh.

Urban Jack Face Wash

It steps up with a great shave

Our Revolutionary Shave Serum is at the heart of our range. Trust us: it’s a real game changer. Just two pumps is all you need to go from savage to slick. Skin-friendly essential oils transform your grooming game. No battles, no drama. Just cool, calm, smooth skin.

PS: Love your beard or stubble? That’s OK, our Beard Oil does too. Your days of split ends and straggling, stray hairs are over, amigo.

Urban Jack Shave Serum

...and sends you off looking smooth

With our moisturiser, you’ve got hydration sorted.  But this is Urban Jack. So it’s not any old moisturiser. It’s skin defending, city-protecting, barrier-preserving moisture. It’s enriched with our signature blend of essential oils too. What’s that smell like? It smells like a revolution. 

Urban Jack Moisturiser Tattoos

Our skin works hard to keeping us protected from the rigours of the day.  So, if we don’t protect it - who will? Don’t follow orders, follow Jack.

Meet our 7 Rules of Skincare.

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