High Quality Double Edged Safety Razor
Men's Safety Razor

Safety Razor and Blades

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Our traditional three piece safety razor consists of high quality components with a precision engineered engraved razor head combined with a stylish black & chrome finished handle.

Experience your smoothest shave yet.

The Jack Difference

  • High Quality
  • Stylish Accessory for the Modern Gentleman
  • Easy to Source Replacement Blades
  • Pleasurable to Use
  • A Great Gift

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  1. Hold the razor at an angle of 30 degrees to your face
  2. Don't apply pressure to the razor, let its weight do the work
  3. Move the razor in short, even strokes
  4. To avoid razor rash don't be tempted to scrape upwards
  5. Includes 5 FREE Derby Premium Razor Blades

Requires standard double edged blades (5 included). More information on how to use your Razor here.