A Better

Clinically Proven

Reduce Post Shave Redness and Irritation

Our Revolution Shave Serum has been Clinically Proven by Dermatologists. 

Superb Razor Glide | Super Close Shave | Deeply Moisturising

96% Natural | Vegan Approved

Concentrated and Effective

Use instead of your existing foam, gel or oil. A hybrid between a gel and an oil. Light and non-greasy it softens the stubble and penetrates the skin beneath. Excellent razor glide helps protect the face from razor burn. 

Results Driven

We know you want an irritation, fuss free shave. So that's what we've created. Rather than obscuring your face in foam our Serum is clear. It enables you to see exactly where you are shaving (great for sharp lines), and delivers award winning results. 

Keeping it Natural

Packed with amazing ingredients such as Vitis Vinivfera Fruit Meristem Cell Culture (helps enhance the anti-radical capacity of the skin and offers defence against free radical aggressions), Rice Bran Oil (anti-oxidant, conditioning) and Shea Butter (light skin feel).

Simple to use

Step 1

Wet your face with warm water

Step 2

Massage 2 pumps of serum into your skin

Step 3

Shave and rinse off with warm water. 

Visit our Shaving FAQ page for further information.