Discover why our Shave Serum is revolutionary

Urban Jack - The Perfect Shave

  • It is a fusion between a gel and a oil - taking the best attributes of both.
  • It is clear so you can shave more precisely & cut sharp lines.
  • It creates outrageously good razor glide.
  • It helps fight free radicals & support skin regeneration.
  • It helps reduce the appearance / redness of shaving rash, calming the skin.
  • It delivers a long lasting protective layer of skin moisturisation.
  • It is concentrated - a small amount goes a long way.
  • It brings a fuss free barber shop experience into your bathroom.
  • The results typically improve further over time.
  • Use with conventional wet razor or wet & dry electric razor.
  • 96% natural and made in the UK. 

 Here's how we did it

2 minute read (but worth it)

In a world full of hype - another product claiming to offer "The Perfect Shave" can surely be ignored. Right? Well Wrong to be blunt. 

How many men can honestly claim to "Love Shaving".  Sure there are a few who do, but our research showed not many. How many men (and women)  claim to "Love the smoothness and feel of a close shave"  -  well, quite a lot actually. 

We hated the morning ritual of shaving so much that we decided there must be a better way - a way that did not involve growing a beard or slathering on cream to try and hide the irritating redness we had just scraped and pulled our way to.

We shopped the market and loaded our basket with a myriad of creams, gels, foams, soaps, oils & blades. Surely something could do the job! But alas, despite the marketing hyperbole plastered on packs, shaving remained an irritating chore and morning joy elusive. 

So, in that great British tradition, we set to and made our own shaving wonder. And we kept it simple. Here's how we did it:

  • We took each product from our basket, tried it, and noted what we liked and what we disliked.
  • We decided to keep the positives and discarded the negatives.
  • Then we sat down with formulation and skincare experts and discussed our findings.
  • We studied how products are structured and how natural ingredients can deliver amazing results. 
  • We devised a recipe - a hybrid of all our ideas - and made numerous samples.
  • We tested, tweaked and improved our creation until we felt confident we had nailed it.
  • We named it a "Shave Serum" as it is a fusion between traditional gels and oils. 
  • Regulatory experts made sure our formula was safe and compliant. 
  • We tested our new product with professional barbers and consumer panels.
  • They loved it - the response was phenomenal -  so we launched it.
  • We won a Pure Beauty Award in 2018 for best new Male Shave and Beard Care Product - a real honour.
  • We felt our serum needed some company, so we devised a range of equally good complimentary products.
  • We defined our mission - Skincare Defence for Men.