Here are some amazing Testimonials about our products:

"I am addicted to the moisturiser, makes my skin feel completely different - it's now totally part of my grooming regime."


"I genuinely didn't think I needed beard oil until a friend gave me this. Wow. Game changer. I can't stop stroking it now. Which is wrong, I know. But it makes my beard look fuller, not straggly."


"Love the Face Wash. Smells amazing, and you can feel it lifting away all the grime of the day. Nice dispenser too - great in the shower, and in the gym. Leaves my face zingy and clean."


"The shave oil is crazy good. You don't trust it at first because you're so used to slathering stuff on. But it's almost like magic the way it makes the razor glide on your skin."


"The moisturiser is brilliant, even for my oily skin. It goes on and sinks in, and you wouldn't even know it was on. It just makes your skin feel fresh and comfortable. Plus no extra shine."


"I love the smell of the shower oil - it's not cloying but really nice and fresh. And it seems to last for ages. Every now and then I'll get a little hit of it, and it makes me feel lovely and clean! "


"I honestly think this is the best shave stuff I have ever used. I used to dread shaving because I would always end up with cuts and a rash. This actually makes me look forward to it. Amazing."


"Couldn't believe what a different product the shave serum was. I didn't rinse after my shave, just towel dry, and it smelled so good."