Cold Comfort: Why cold showers are so hot

Jack’s number one lesson for a long and healthy life? Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. If you’ve only time to take in that tip, off you go and enjoy your day. But, if you’ll stick around awhile, there’s a little more to follow…

Health fads come, and health fads go. The trick is to wait around long enough to see if the science ever catches them up: and if it really is a good idea to go without food for 16 hours a day (not sure), try HIIT training (yes),  infuse your water bottle with crystals (definitely not), or ditch dairy for camel’s milk (we’ll get back to you on that one).

But there’s one health kick that’s stuck around long enough to get us interested. We’ve done the digging for you. And we’re convinced it’s worth trying to fit into your day.

Its many fans (including plenty of healthcare professionals) say it helps to boost the immune system, help to relieve depression, boost oxygen levels and increase muscle recovery. There are preliminary findings which say it can even help speed up weight loss and improve mental alertness too. And it definitely sets you up for the day and makes you feel fantastic.

Oh, and it’s free to do - sort of. All in all - there’s a lot going for it.

There’s just one problem: it’s deeply unpleasant. To start with. And then it gets a little easier. But the question is: can you get through the tough first week, and start to see some of the improvements?

We’re talking about cold showers.

If you’re thinking of taking one, take a few tips from Jack first.

Enter the water mindfully. Don’t just turn the shower on cold and run in screaming and hyperventilating. Know that it’s going to be cold. Tell yourself it’s going to be cold. And tell yourself this is a very good thing.

Try to control your breathing. Yes, that’ll be hard. But try to take deep breaths, as that will help to calm you down. If you start to gasp, follow it through with a deep inhalation, hold it, and exhale for five seconds. Repeat. This will get more blood pumping around your body. Which will also help counteract that icy chill!

Enter gradually. Try a hand, a forearm, a foot...introduce body parts gradually and the shock to the system will be drastically reduced.

Rub. Rubbing your skin takes away the shock from the cold water. It’ll warm your skin and help it to adjust to the cold water. It also helps work on those sore muscles.

Try a cold shower after exercise. You’ll be burning up with all that spent energy, and your muscles will be stiff. There’s nothing better for them than a blast of cold water - and it’ll reinvigorate you even after the toughest of gym sessions.

Commit. For at least 30 days. Less than that and you simply won’t allow your body to adjust to this new, strange sensation. And you won’t reap any of the rewards. Within a month you’ll notice that the experience is a lot more enjoyable, and that initial burst of breathlessness disappears after just a few seconds.

We’ve tried it. And yes, it was tough for the first few days ( although it was a heck of a lot easier with the essential oils released from our Shower Oil!) But after the first week, we started to feel a warm glow creeping up our body, and notice a genuine glow to our skin and hair. Fact is, we felt energised, powered up and firing on all cylinders. Like we’d taken ten cups of espresso.

Like all new things - think carefully  before you take the plunge - and if you have any health concerns it's best to ask your Doctor. 

Pretty cool, huh?