Keep it Clean: What Does Clean Skincare Mean?

What does clean skincare mean? For Jack, it goes deeper than freshening our faces and scrubbing up our bodies. It’s a philosophy that’s deep within our DNA.

Man showing Clean Skincare

You hear a lot these days about ‘clean skincare’ - it’s a bit of a bandwagon that plenty of good, and arguably a fair few less-than-salubrious beauty brands are only too happy to jump on.

But Jack? He was born clean.

From day one in our formulations lab, we had a few red lines that we simply weren’t going to cross: our core principles:

  • Maximum natural ingredients
  • Proven actives
  • Modern generation preservatives 
  • Responsibly sourced ingredients 

Why? Because we knew one thing to be true: what we put in our skincare is more important than the marketing story we put on our skin.

The Clean Skincare movement gets this too. That’s why beauty experts, influencers and journos are banging on about formulations that are 100% skin-friendly. Because, over time, we are potentially exposing ourselves to large quantities of ingredients and therefore we must look after the structure, health and protective properties of the skin we’re in.

So, while we want products that glide and slip around our faces and bodies with ease, lather into a lovely foam, smell fresh or stay nicely blended and stable in the dispenser, let's always ensure they really are doing our skin good.  

For example, it’s important not to upset the protective layer of oils and organisms on the skin’s surface, known as our microbiome. This is why our Shower Oil is SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) free and has specific beneficial ingredients to help rebalance the Skin's natural Microbiome.  

It’s true, natural alternatives to some of the so-called ‘dirty dozen’ (the 12 most commonly unliked ingredients by consumers) tend to be more expensive, trickier to formulate with, and harder to source, but Jack believes, when it comes to the skin we’re in, there is no plan B.

So we don’t make formulations just because they smell nice (it just so happens that, when you use premium grade essential oils, like we do, they will!), and we don’t make formulations just because they feel good  (but actually ours do). Our products are designed to be used and enjoyed every day in the knowledge that they have been developed with a real commitment to the future. Because when it comes to being clean, we’re on skin’s side.

Urban Jack is award winning skincare that offer Skin Defence for Men.