Know the cost of cheap skincare?

When your skincare is created by accountants and bean counters, and not dermatologists and formulations experts who pays the price? You do.

As you scrub yourself up in the shower, squirt a handful of frothy foam on your face, or scrub some lathery soap suds over your face, do you ever wonder: what’s making all that stuff? What’s creating that citrussy smell? And why does the list of ingredients read like some ancient Latin spell? 


Truth is, most skincare is made of stuff that ‘feels’ like it’s doing us good. Stuff that’s just making up the numbers, and filling up the bottle. Just like those old ‘big box’ washing powders mother had, skincare can still be lots of froth, with little or no active ingredients.

Shocked? You should be. Because we’re putting this stuff on our bodies. Every day.

Why do so many companies put all these synthetic scents and this foaming agents in their products? Two words: they’re cheap.

Just like adding salt and sugar to processed foods to ramp up the flavour, all too often, cosmetic companies fall back on the usual suspects - a go-to list of low cost ingredients.

They’re chosen because they do the job, froth up nicely, or stay stable in the can longer. They’re not chosen simply because they’re the best or the latest tech available.

We’re not saying they’re necessarily bad either - although people with sensitivities are often best dialling down chemical additives as much as possible. We’re just saying there is another way to formulate skincare. And that’s by focussing only on what works and what offers you, the end user the best experience, not what keeps the accounts department happy. 

We don’t use fillers. That’s why our Revolution Shave Serum is tiny but powerful. And why two pumps is all you need. Because the lubrication, the glide and the great shave come courtesy of natural essential oils and fruit cell cultures.

natural ingredients orange

They’re not as cheap as some of the chemical doppelgangers out there - but they’re packed with essential nutrients and potent phytochemicals that actively promote healthier skin, from outside in.

They also smell great. That’s why we don’t need any synthetic fragrances.  Cosmetic companies have long since understood the power of a pleasingly fragranced product. Subconsciously, we equate pleasing aromas with quality.  But it couldn’t be further from the truth. Synthetic fragrances are cheap, and are well known to cause irritation. As ever, nature knows best.

We insist on pumps and tubes, not because they’re economical, but because they keep the good stuff in tip-top condition.

And don’t get us started on petroleum-derived waxes and balms. Give us beautiful, soothing shea butter and olive oil every time. And yes, we’re happy to pay a little more. Because skincare is for life, not for making a quick buck.

We say it’s time to call a halt to formulating with an abacus. We say it’s time for a skincare revolution. Jack knows best.