Ollie Gomm - an Inspiring Visual Poet

We catch up with Visual Poet, Jelly Baby enthusiast, and Urban Jack champion, Ollie Gomm.

Ollie Gomm Gommie drinking beer at Poetry Art Exhibition


June 1985



You're new to the crayon box. Whats your colour?
Orange, because it says a lot of contradicting things.

Your next life is an animal. Which one?
Squirrels seem to be able to handle themselves pretty well, and they can jump really high! So a squirrel.

Funniest thing that's happened recently?
I did a 30ft long piece of street art recently that made the local news because of how un-agressive and posh the wording was. I found that very funny.

What inspires you?

Go-to outfit?
Sports jackets and trainers.

What were you like in school?
Ambivalent. I hated it. I spent a lot of time pretending to be sick. When I did turn up I looked like a mutated version of Nick from The Backstreet Boys.

Most embarrassing moment?
Too many to mention.

Grime. Grime is the novel that keeps getting better and better. There is other music, but grime is the force that keeps me going now daily.

Best recent film?
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Tell us something we don't know.
My life has been split into four. Football, Rollerblading, Acting, and Art. Not one thing stands alone. Each part is a progression into the next. Most people are pretty impressed by the Rollerblading part because I used to jump off roofs and spin around and stuff. I couldn't tell you what the most interesting part is. I have found it all pretty interesting - plus I'm terrible at CV's.

Current read?
Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell.

Best travel experience?
My Girlfriend and I got a die and put 'left' and 'right' on every side of it and every time we got to a junction we rolled it to see where it would take us. Within two hours we were back home.

Proudest achievement?
Getting this far and still doing what I want to do everyday. I am blessed and have an innate privilege (I am super aware of that), but there is a certain amount of stubbornness and refusal to quit that I am really proud of.

Alternative career?
I'd be a Trawlerman.

Dream drive?
Not into cars.