Lima Eltham - Pro BMX Rider

We catch up with one of the UK's most stylish BMX exports, and Urban Jack champion, Lima Eltham.

Lima Eltham Pro BMX Rider from Oxford

Lima Eltham

January 1987



You're new to the crayon box. What's your colour?
Black, it goes with everything. You can't go wrong with black.

Your next life is an animal. Which one?
Wolf. I love how they look. They are very sociable and intelligent animals.

Funniest thing that's happened recently?
I was bowling recently and as I bowled the person in the next lane threw their ball. Their ball hit the gutter, jumped over into my lane, hitting my ball causing me to get a strike!

What inspires you?
A bunch of things, mainly music, people and fashion.

Go-to outfit?
Black jeans. Simple.

What were you like in school?
Pretty similar to now really. Always see how much I could get away with, but got stuff done when it mattered.

Most embarrassing moment?
When I was in a car with someone who was in my favourite band, my phone starts ringing, which is when I realised my ringtone was from that band.

What music is currently on your playlist?
I made two playlists last week, Hip-Hop and Heavy Rock.

Best recent film?

Tell us something we don't know.
When I was a baby I was chosen to be a model in a women's magazine. It was for a road safety campaign, the actor who played the Doctor had to hold me whilst having photos taken. I pee'd all over him.

Current read?
Staying Strong: An Immensely Human story and Stephen Murray Life Story - 2nd time reading it.

Best travel experience?
Last year, hiring a car and travelling around New Zealand with my BMX, a tent and some mates.

Proudest achievement?
Either my 3 Ride UK front covers, or being able to have travelled the world living the life I have due to BMX.

Alternative career?
Professional Footballer or a Musician. Football would have been more likely.

Dream drive?


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