Jack Wetherell - Team GB Sailor

We catch up with British Sailing sensation, and Urban Jack champion, Jack Wetherell.

Jack Wetherell Portrait shot shaving with Urban Jack Products

Jack Wetherell

February 1994



You're new to the crayon box. What's your colour?
Yellow, I think it reflects my personality being quite positive and outgoing.

Your next life is an animal. Which one?
A great white shark! Raw power sitting at the top of the food tree.

What inspires you?
Being able to take a step towards my dream goal each and everyday is powerful even if they are small steps. But where did the dream come from? My dad, was my hero as a kid being able to follow in his footsteps is great.

Go-to outfit?
I love chilling out in my Chelsea shirt but my go to outfit is some black jeans with a simple black or white t-shirt.

What were you like in school?
When I was younger I was quite mischievous at school messing around with friends and playing football every lunchtime. I did eventually knuckle down and achieve good grades but it wasn't quite as fun!

Most embarrassing moment?
Celebrating a race win only to realise I was disqualified for being over the start line.


Best recent film?
American Made

Tell us something we don't know.
My favourite video as a kid was a Laurel and Hardy silent comedy.

Current read?
Born to Win by John Bertrand Americas Cup Hero.

Best travel experience?
Walking during the evening in Iceland with snow falling all around.

Proudest achievement?
Winning the medal race at the Kieler Woche in Germany to take out the bronze medal.

Alternative career?
At one point I really wanted to become a member of the S.A.S.

Dream drive?
Pagani Zonda R

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