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    Welcome to Urban Jack. It’s skincare, but not as you know it.

    Skin. Let’s start over.

    Urban Jack was formed for one good reason. Your skin deserves better. Sure, you can go to a supermarket and fill your boots (or, if you don’t want to attract security’s attention, your trolley) with shaving foams, beard oils and shower gels. But here’s the thing. When you’re buying stuff to slather on your skin you’ve really got to engage a different part of that reptile brain of yours than you do to re-up on corn flakes and frozen pizza.

    Why? Because what we put on our skin matters. It matters now, if you want to up your game and look your best. And it’ll matter in ten, twenty, forty years down the line, if you want to protect against pollution, and prevent against premature ageing.

    Some brands make you choose your side. We say they’re both as important as each other.

    And that, friends, is where Jack comes in.

    We’re gonna let you into a secret…

    Skincare companies like you to think it’s complicated. It’s not. A good skincare routine should be something you can slot easily into your day, without needed a degree in dermatology. And enjoy doing so.

    Skincare companies think that it’s more important to focus on the Premier League player shilling their goods than what’s inside the tube. It’s not. Good skincare should work hard, get results and transform your grooming game. If it doesn’t, what’s the point?

    Others think that, just because their brand makes great gym vests/women’s make-up/souped-up racing cars they’re qualified to launch a men’s skincare range. They’re not.

    Good skincare is created by skincare specialists who are rubbish at designing a crankshaft, but who know the science of skin, and can formulate awe-inspiring products. It’s all they do. If you get trapped in a kitchen with one of them at a party, get your game face ready when they start talking peptides and elastin fibres.

    Jack sees things differently

    Does the world really need another men’s shave product? Yes, because Jack sees things differently. We’ve looked at the competition. We’ve tried them all. And we know we can do better.

    We believe our Shave Serum is a true game-changer. It’s our star player, and it’s set to revolutionise the way you start your day. It’s a bit of a hybrid beast - taking the best from the rest, adding its own proprietary blend of essential oils and lab know-how and taking shaving to a whole new level.

    But it shares its DNA with all our products: Maximum impact, minimum fuss. Straightforward, not simple.                                                                                                                                                 

    Science and nature - they’re a lovely couple.

    Jack’s no tree-hugger, but he understands this much to be true: our skin has a real affinity with natural stuff. It laps it up. That’s why you’ll never see (or smell) any synthetic fragrances in Urban Jack. Why parabens are a no-no, and why we’ll always choose the soap-free route to get scrubbed up. Why? Because soap dries out the skin, and strips it of its natural protective layers. See - it’s not complicated. But it is important.

    And talking of protection, this is where Jack embraces science too. Our Cityfresh is a unique cocktail of active ingredients devised specifically to defend against the ageing ravages of urban pollution. It’s cutting edge stuff, it works, and it’s exclusive to us. Because science is our friend too.

    And that’s the Urban Jack philosophy: every ingredient needs to earn its place on the squad. And the search to make things better never ends.

    Oh, and animal testing? No way, Jose.

    So, welcome to Urban Jack. It’s skincare, but not as you know it.