Winter Skin Survival Guide


Winter’s a cruel season. Moving from warm houses to cold outdoors can put our poor skin under stress, causing broken capillaries (those spidery red veins that can rupture when our skin experiences large differences in temperature), not to mention all that wind, rain and sub zero bleakness making us more abominable snowman than approachable human.

Here’s our guide to having dewy fresh skin all winter long.

1) Clean Right

The foundation for good skin, whatever the season, is clean skin. But too many skin washes (and especially soap) strip the skin of its microbiome: that protective barrier of good bacteria and acids that shield our skin’s outer layers from the elements. Our non-drying Pollution Defence face wash contains essential oils that actively promote a healthy microbiome.

2) Shower Cool

If you can, turn the shower temperature down a notch. Hot showers followed by cool climes are a skin’s worst enemy. If you’re playing sports outdoors, you need to respect the skin on your body just as much as your face. Our Shower Oil is every bit as protective and nourishing as our face wash. So even if you’re tackling a Tough Mudder in the middle of winter (why would you?) you got this.

3) Moisturise Well

If summer means SPF, then winter definitely means hydration. Look for a moisturiser that features lots of hydrating agents, such as the natural betaine and oat proteins in our Moisturiser, to protect the skin’s natural barrier. But if you’re heading to the slopes, don’t forget all that snow reflects the sun’s rays - so SPF is essential. Apply your moisturizer 20 minutes before you set out, so it’s formed a nice protective barrier.

4) Shave Good

Shaving is, apart from heading out into an Arctic storm, the most potentially damaging thing you can do for your skin. But it doesn’t have to be. If you use a good quality formulation, the act of shaving gives the skin a healthy exfoliation, getting rid of dead skin cells, and helping your moisturiser to absorb better. Our Revolution Shave Serum isn’t award winning for nothing, you know!

5) Stay Hydrated

In the cold weather, we don’t tend to crave hydration in the winter,  but it’s more important than ever. Good skin comes from within. So don’t forget to drink water little and often through the day to keep dryness, redness and flakiness at bay.

6) Oil Up

Don’t forget your pride and joy - your beard! Our Beard and Stubble Oil acts like a second skin to your stubble, or your flowing mane! Infused with conditioning argan oil, and protecting grapeseed oil, Santa would kill for it.