Valentine’s Day: The Survival Guide

This February 14th, don’t follow the rules. Do it your way. But whatever you do - make sure you do something.

Male Grooming Preparation for Valentines Day

You can run, but you can’t hide. Sure, inside you might be practising that ‘why do I have to show I love you on just one day a year?’ line. But, take it from Jack. It won’t wash.

We’re gonna let you into a secret. You might think Valentine’s Day is purely designed to sell overpriced cards and shift those wilting carnations from the garage forecourt. But your partner doesn’t. Or, let’s put in another way, even if they do, they’re not about to say so when you turn up empty handed, with nothing more than a cynical one-liner or, worse still, send a half-hearted whatsapp from the gym.

So, this year, think outside the padded card box and show how warm and fuzzy you really are - and, no, we don’t mean your face. You got Urban Jack, (link to product page) for that, right?

Say it with flours

Nothing, and we mean, nothing will impress your other half more than giving them something you’ve actually made yourself. And baking a cake’s a doddle. Anyone can do it. And if that means binge watching Nigella videos on YouTube well, hey, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do...

Not all Rom-Coms are rubbish

You think you hate Rom-Coms? You’ve just seen one too many Jennifer Aniston movies. There really are cool, funny and smart movies to watch with your loved one. Empire magazine did a round up of their favourites but we’d happy watch Annie Hall, or Silver Linings Play Book for the 22nd time. And we’ve even shed a tear at Paddington 2. So a soppy movie isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Celebrate independence

We love independent thinking at Jack’s Journal. So don’t rush to the Hallmark shop. Find a card that says something special, or has a nice subtle reference to something about her that only you know - and we don’t mean that weird thing she does with a Pringles tube when she’s been on the Prosecco. Take a look at Etsy for hand-made and totally one-of-a-kind cards.

Do something together

To often, we blokes think it’s all about her (we’re all heart, aren’t we?) but the best gifts are the ones that give you both the opportunity to spend time doing something fun together. But it doesn’t have to be the safe option of booking a meal. What about a day on a chocolate tasting course? A gin masterclass. Go abseiling down a cliff (best be totally sure before you book that one), or try an Escape Game to see if you can work as a team when the pressure’s really on. Good to know.

Don’t overthink it

So your favourite restaurant is booked up, your homemade cake’s a disaster, the handmade card got lost in the post, and the dog ate your flowers. You know what, it doesn’t matter. Scrub yourself up (link) well, have a plan B in reserve (we’re no experts, but our money’s on a box of beautiful chocolates and a bottle of something delicious) and don’t be afraid to say I love you. Come on, you do it every day in the mirror, and practice makes perfect.