4 Life Hacks To Attack Your New Year

There really is no need to start the new year off with a list of impractical and downright resolutions that will leave you feeling like a failure sometime in mid February when you ditch them.

Just take the opportunity to incorporate a few little life hacks - fun things that offer maximum benefits with minimum disruption - and you’ll sail into 2020 like a pro.


Your daily shower is something that, if you’re like us, you just ‘do’, without any real awareness. But stop and just be aware of the present moment, and engage all your senses. The feel of the warm water on your body, the smell of the essential oils on your skin (if you’re using Urban Jack Shower Oil, of course!), and the sound of the water splashing. Breathe slowly. Just like you would in regular meditation, close your eyes and imagine all thoughts and worries passing in and out of your mind like water down the drain. Before long, your mind will be as clean, and refreshed as your body: ready to face the day anew.


If your body aches after a gym session, trust us, you’re doing it all wrong. When it comes to working out, it pays to do less. It seems counter-intuitive, but that’s the way scientific theory is heading. And when it comes to strength gains, it’s all about the volume (the amount you do, not the amount you press). ‘Don’t go to failure’ says podcast guru Joe Rogan. ‘Instead of blowing your whole system, and then the next day you can barely walk let alone train, have one workout every day where you do less reps. Why would you go to failure in nature? You wouldn't!’ Sounds like a plan to us.


We’ve all been there. Scrolling mindlessly down our Instagram feed, cramming in the next episode of GOT on our iPads when we know we should be heading soundlessly into the land of nod. Getting good kip is the one certified hack we can do for our skin, our muscles, our mood and our overall health. And it’s free. Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary - with a thorough digital detox, calming essential oils such as lavender and chamomile (use a diffuser), and setting the radiators to be a little cooler - and treat yourself to at least seven hours. You’ll thank us for it tomorrow.


Did you know that smiling is your superpower? Take a look at this brilliant Ted Talk, and you might just turn your frown upside down. Smiling is a predictor of how long you might live, elevates your mood (and the mood of those around you: making them like you way more), and releases more feel good chemicals than 2,000 bars of chocolate. So, do what the man says and always look on the bright side of life. You’ll live longer if you do!